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Do you remember the last time you sat down to read a book? It’s been a while – now you don’t find time in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Don’t worry, reading a paper book with traditional confines of paper and ink may be a thing of the past for you. But the digital world has opened multiple reading options for bibliophiles – that may make you fall in love with the habit again!

With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, bibliophiles can access any reading material at their fingertips. They can search, download, save, highlight and read a wide array of books just by tapping on their digital devices.  

This article presents the best reading apps available on Android and iPhone. These apps will save you time accessing millions of books and audiobooks and foster a sense of fulfillment to your literary thirst. 

So, if you’re seeking ways to jumpstart a healthy habit or revive your long-forgotten love for reading, keep reading our guide for top reading apps for book lovers. 

  1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle has to be the first one on our list of popular ebook apps. It offers an extensive range of books in every genre – comics, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers. Ebooks on Kindle are from the bestsellers collection as well as indie publications. It is a paid app with a subscription-based model. The user-friendly interface of Amazon Kindle enables its users to personalize their reading experiences.

Book enthusiasts can conveniently navigate through the virtual library, adjust font sizes, themes and page layouts, and build a world of digital books as per their preferences. 

Another standout feature of Amazon Kindle is that it provides syncing across various Kindle devices. It facilitates readers to seamlessly transition between devices and never lose a sport in their ebooks. This enables them to gauge their reading progress easily and not get agitated on smartphones, tablets, etc. 

  1. Wattpad

Wattpad is a one-of-its-kind platform that connects budding writers with their readers. It presents raw writeups of the writers to the Wattpad community and allows them to gain recognition. 

Readers can access the massive library of user-generated stories. The community feature allows readers to comment on any favorite part of the content or critique any section of the story. Readers can access the stories offline and can consume content in multiple languages. The app allows readers to eventually turn into writers by participating in writing contests and building their following. 

Wattpad app offers plenty of unique content for free, but ads constrain free edition. If you’re serious about finding undiscovered literary gems, consider getting a paid membership.

  1. Blinkist

Are you a busy professional but want to make sure that you don’t miss out on your reading schedule? Then you should turn to the Blinkist. The app provides a 15-minute gist of books and podcasts for individuals who want to grab the insights in the shortest way possible. 


If you gravitate towards reading as a hobby or have a will to learn different genres, Blinkist is a fantastic app for you. In addition to fiction, entertainment, self-help, and education, it offers a wide range of books on science and self-improvement. Moreover, subscription plans are expensive, and the “free” plan has few features. 

  1. Goodreads

Goodreads is a social networking app for book lovers. It allows you to connect with fellow readers, share reviews and recommendations, and explore book reading options that entice you. 


It is mainly a website, but the app offers surprisingly good recommendations based on your history. You can’t really read any book on Goodreads, but it leads you to find the best pick through its stunning personalized recommendation features. 

Goodreads also holds online book clubs, author Q&A sessions, and reading challenges to keep its community interested. The barcode scanner feature of the Goodreads app also enables users to easily track their reading progress and add tangible books to their virtual shelves.

  1. Libby

Libby brings your local library to the online world. You can conveniently access the digital collection of your local libraries on your smartphones or tablets. All you need is a library card and you can browse the ebooks collection of any local library. 


The download option is also available in the Libby app so that users can conveniently enjoy offline reading of their favorite books.   

The app has options for changing font styles, adjusting audiobook playback speeds, and adding bookmarks books. Additionally, Libby allows for the support of multiple library cards, which is useful for users who belong to various library systems. 

  1. Google Play Books

As the name suggests, Google Play Books is somehow connected to Google or Google products. Google Play Books provides readers who use a range of devices and operating systems with an extensive selection of ebooks and audiobooks. Personalized recommendations based on your reading preferences, offline reading support, and the integration with your Google Drive account. 

Google Play Books

Google Play books stands out from its competitors for its integration with cloud where readers can save their complete ebooks collection for convenient access from any device. Furthermore, with Google Assistant integration, Google Play Books also enables voice commands for hands-free reading.

  1. Apple Books

The popular reading app Apple Books, formerly known as iBooks, was created especially for iOS users. The app provides access to a huge and varied library of audiobooks and ebooks that span practically every genre and subject imaginable. Apple Books’ slick and user-friendly interface makes finding new books and managing your library entertaining and easy. 

Apple Books

Apple Books’ ability to personalize the reading experience to your preferences is one of its finest features. For example, the app has a Night Mode option that helps with eye strain when reading in less lit areas. To help you recall key points and quotes, you may also highlight and take notes right within the programme.

The app integration with iCloud is yet another outstanding feature. This suggests that since your purchases and reading progress are synchronised across all of your Apple devices, switching between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac should be simple. Because Apple is committed to user privacy and security, you can also feel secure knowing that your reading habits and personal information are always secured.

Wrap Up

We have precisely mentioned the best reading apps for book lovers. These reading apps offer an extensive range of ebooks and audiobooks for every book lover. As an avid reader or hoarder of books, you might need any of our mentioned apps to build your digital bookshelf. 

Many reading apps are available to meet the wide range of reading interests and habits of users. With the aim of improving the reading experience, these applications include audiobooks, ebooks, social interaction, personalization, and much more. All in all, there is a reading app for every book lover out there.