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Software Quality Assurance Services & Testing Solutions

As a full-range Quality Assurance company, we understand the importance of high-quality deliverables. Our team of QA engineers play sensibly with the code, making sure that your app runs smoothly and delivers cohesive experiences. We not only rely on our testing experts, but we also incorporate the latest testing tools and strategies.

Perks of Our Quality Assurance Services Company

Thorough Testing

Our QA experts conduct rigorous testing to identify and rectify defects, ensuring an error-free product.

Reduced Testing Costs

We handle QA with pre-determined KPIs, which lessen the time to carry out in-depth testing.

Customized Testing Strategies

Every project is unique. We use project-specific QA processes to deliver dedicated testing solutions.

Cutting-Edge Tools

We use best practices and latest testing tools to ensure accurate testing processes and results.

Wide Range of Testing Types

From functional and performance to security and usability testing, we cover all aspects to come up with a great app.

Scalable Testing Solutions

Our QA services company can be scaled up or down, allowing flexibility as per your project's needs.

Transparent Reporting

We offer detailed reports on test results, bug tracking, and quality metrics. This helps our customers make wise decisions.

Transparent ReportingTools We Use At Stackup Solutions To Test Your Software

We use best-in-class practices for quality assurance software testing services. Our experts combine manual and automated testing techniques to deliver reliable results. We consistently perform quality checks during the lifecycle of each software to identify bottlenecks. 

We use following tools for automated testing of a software:


Our Software Quality Assurance Services

The range of activities involved in QA and testing services are different from one another. Testing, which is a component of QA, aims to examine the functionality, performance, security, and other facets of software.

At Stackup Solutions, we render following services:

Outsourcing - QA Services Company

We offer comprehensive QA outsourcing services to assist you in achieving value-driven products. Based on your goals and limitations, we derive software testing and quality assurance services company to accelerate your growth.  

Our QA Outsourcing Process:

  • Create a comprehensive test strategy and planning
  • Test automation evaluation and ROI estimation
  • Carry out all necessary testing tasks in SDLC
  • Deliver regular test reports and performance reports for QA team
  • Enhance the processes of the testing crew 

QA Consulting Services

You might be doubtful about the app you just created! Get our software testing and quality assurance services to provide you with valuable insights and guidance. 

Our QA Consulting services are as follows:

  • QA audit setup
  • Consulting and set-up services for test automations
  • Increase efficiency while reducing costs
  • Process audits and improvements for QA
  • Performance for testing activities
  • Compliance consultant services
  • Process Improvement

Quality Control Services

We provide quality control services to help you enhance your software quality over time. With regular audits, performance metrics, and detailed reports; you can outperform your competitors.

Our Quality Control services include:

  • Regulatory compliance consulting and support
  • Customized QA solution offerings
  • Perform comprehensive testing
  • Implementation of proactive approach to QA
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Quality and compliance audits

Test Automation Services

To optimize efficiency and reduce expenses, we offer test automation services. Our experts leverage top-tiered automation tools and execute automated test scripts, enabling faster test cycles

Our Test Automation services are as follows:

  • Automate functional, performance, and security test
  • Develop test scripts to ensure 100% thorough testing
  • Highly flexible, customizable, and accurate QA frameworks
  • Ensure regression testing to reduce the risk of errors and defects
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • High-quality, reliable, and effective test automation solutions

QA Work Process:

Our QA work process is designed to deliver consistent and reliable results:


Requirement Analysis

We thoroughly analyze your software requirements to understand your objectives and develop a tailored testing approach.

Test Planning

At Stackup Solutions, our team outlines a comprehensive test plan consisting of the testing scope, methodologies, resources, and timelines.

Test Design

Our team designs test cases and scenarios, ensuring maximum coverage of your software functionalities.

Test Execution

We execute the test cases, meticulously documenting any issues and deviations from expected results.

Bug Tracking and Reporting

We track and report identified bugs and issues, providing you with clear visibility into the testing progress and status.

Test Analysis and Improvement

We analyze test results, identify areas for improvement, and implement necessary changes to ensure the software quality checklist.

Retesting and Validation

To make sure the software satisfies the necessary quality standards, we retest the problems that have been fixed and validate it.

Test Closure

We provide a comprehensive test closure report, summarizing the testing efforts, outcomes, and recommendations for future enhancements.

frequently asked questions

What are quality assurance software testing services?

At Stackup Solutions, Quality Assurance and software testing services involve systematic processes to assess software applications, ensuring they meet specified requirements and function flawlessly. QA testers use various techniques such as manual testing and automated testing to identify bugs, and performance issues. Services we offer in the realm of QA & testing are: Test Automation, Quality Control, QA Outsourcing, QA Consulting.

What is your approach with software quality assurance services as a software QA company?

We tailor a meticulous testing strategy, combining manual and automated testing. Our methodology is iterative so we focus on regularly testing the results at every stage. We know the cruciality of high-quality products and we believe that this approach allows us to deliver flawless software delivery through continuous testing and iterative improvements.

What are the benefits of working with an outsourced QA and testing services team?

It is quite crystal clear that hiring an outsourced QA and testing services team has more pros than cons. An outsourced QA team will provide cost efficiency, access to extensive expertise, scalability, faster deployment, diverse testing environments, unbiased insights, and comprehensive tools and technologies.

How do your software quality assurance services ensure the reliability of my application?

Our software quality assurance services ensure the reliability of your app/software at each step of development by rigorously testing, identifying bugs, undergoing performance checks and validating required functionality. We take our clients on board every time to get to know if we’re on the same page and meeting your specifications.

What steps should I consider when hiring an IT quality assurance company?

You have to keep a keen eye while looking for an IT quality assurance partner. An IT quality assurance company will be able to help you deliver a big hit for your users. It should be equipped with the right kind of expertise and incomparable track record to deliver bug-free, aesthetically-pleasing and spectacularly-functional apps for your target audience.

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