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Meet Bun: A Node.js Alternative Unveiled

Meet Bun A Node.js Alternative

A new buzz in the JavaScript community arrived in September 2023 with the name of “Bun”. Since its arrival, it has made waves among the web development fraternity. Bun claims itself to be a drop-in replacement for Node.js with advanced features and improved build times.  Is it a remarkable Node.js alternative or another JavaScript flash […]

Next.js Rendering Techniques: How to Optimize Page Speed?

Next.js Rendering Techniques How to Optimize Page Speed

Next.js has transformed modern web application development with its simple yet powerful features. This framework wins the hearts of developers and users alike with its server-side and client-side rendering capabilities, seamless integration, and static site generation. Next.js offers a lot of built-in optimization features to enhance app performance, reduce loading times and amplify browsing experience […]

Black Box AI – What Can Be Achieved With It?

Black Box AI

Black Box AI refers to a type of artificial intelligence system which has an impenetrable system. It hides away all inputs, operations and services from users and the other parties. The expression “black box” figuratively addresses the obscurity of these frameworks, as data sources and results can be noticed, yet the processes that come to […]

Devin, New AI Software Engineer: Will It Affect the Jobs of Software Engineers?

Devin, New AI Software Engineer

Devin, recently unveiled by Cognition Labs, is said to be “the first AI software engineer”, apparently ready to take up the jobs of software engineers. The rumour mills are churning out that the AI tool is top-notch to act like a skilled teammate.  It personifies itself as a skilled coder who can efficiently handle monotonous […]

A Comprehensive Guide on Intelligent App Development Cost Estimation

A Comprehensive Guide on Intelligent App Development Cost Estimation

With the rapid advancement in technology, AI has become a hottest tech trend. It has evolved into such an inevitable partner that every business is compelled to leverage AI apps in its business offerings. From managing custom notifications, schedule meetings, sending personalized recommendations to even answering customers queries, AI apps hold a substantial place in […]

The Invaluable Role of Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Unless you are living under a rock, you must be aware of the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on business processes. AI is disrupting across industries and showing us a completely new paradigm shift in gauging success in the digital world.  The potential role of AI in sales is worth-reading as […]

LEAP 24: A Remarkable Tech Event That Attracted Massive Global Investments

LEAP 24 A Remarkable Tech Event

LEAP is an annual tech conference that was first launched in 2022 under the supervision of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) Saudi Arabia. It began as a mildly significant tech event, but recorded 100,000 visitors during the first three days of the conference in the history of Saudi Arabia. The number of […]

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Tax Preparation App?

cost to build tax preparation apps

In today’s digital age, apps offer convenience and efficiency in every aspect. The tax filing process, no doubt, is a civic and legal responsibility, but it is an arduous task for laymen and businesses alike. Tax preparation apps come in useful to streamline tax filing processes, helping users to manage taxes in a practical and […]

6 Best Reading Apps for Book Lovers

6 Best Reading Apps for Book Lovers

Do you remember the last time you sat down to read a book? It’s been a while – now you don’t find time in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Don’t worry, reading a paper book with traditional confines of paper and ink may be a thing of the past for you. But the […]

Website Development Cost: A Complete Guide in 2024

web development agency

There’s no doubt that a website is one of the most essential components of any business. It is how you showcase your products and services to potential customers, it is how you fuel your business growth, and it’s how you build your first impression.  Building a website comes with its intricacies, detailed cost analysis and […]