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Software Development Process: Main Things

Software Development Process Main Things

Software developers may develop computer programs by following a set of processes provided by software development. The steps in the software development process are called Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Gaining knowledge of the software development process opens you several options in the IT sector. Writing code for computers is how a software developer accomplishes the […]

A Holistic Guide to Native vs Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

A Holistic Guide to Native vs Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Undoubtedly mobile apps have become an inevitable tool for many businesses. Almost every organization has started to find ways to build engaging and high-performing apps. Moreover, mobile app users are rapidly expanding so it is important for enterprises to develop apps to compete in the digital ecosystem.  Whether to build mobile apps is a far […]

The Latest Guide to Creating Modern Web Application Architecture

Latest Guide to Creating Modern Web Application Architecture

Web applications are essential to the digital world, but creating one that is seamless, effective, and future-proof takes more than just lines of code. Web development has advanced so quickly that a vast array of frameworks, tools, and practices have emerged, resulting in a complex ecosystem. The web development ecosystem requires in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience […]

Web Application Development Cost: How to Estimate Your Project?

Web Application Development Cost How to Estimate Your Project

Undoubtedly, this is a mobile dominant world. Still we cannot negate web apps as one of the most crucial parts of any business. Just like rainbow colors are merged into each other, web apps play an integral role to integrate various operations of a company. it ‘s how you present your goods and services to […]

How to Create a Bug Tracking System For Mobile Development?

Bug Tracking

A study found that 29% of users notice bugs and glitches in their apps once a week or more, and 78% of users notice these issues in their apps. Having a robust bug-tracking system is imperative, regardless of whether you’re developing your company’s first app or growing an already-existing one. A bug tracking app works […]

An Insider’s Guide to Mobile App Design

Guide to Mobile App Designs

The demands of today’s digital age are exceptional. Now, we need everything at our fingertips. This has made mobile apps a part and parcel of our daily lives. Building a mobile app can be a headache, but not if you focus on app design as the North Star of your mobile app.   App design is […]

Choosing the right E-commerce Business Model & Platform

E-commerce Business Model & Platform

In today’s digital environment, merely having a vision for your business is not enough. If you plan to explore e-commerce opportunities, you need to ponder beyond stocking up goods. Current businesses demand strategic decision making regarding business models and platforms.  The first and the foremost step of starting an ecommerce business includes a broad understanding […]

The Complete Guide to React Native for Web Application

Have you ever wondered how to make your mark in a sea of countless web applications? The best strategy is to compete with others in terms of scalability and versatility. A web app, if developed using the right tech stack, will be adaptable to ensure future growth and market expansion requirements.  It means the choice […]

iOS vs. Android: Which Path to Choose for Your First App?

iOS vs. Android

iOS vs. Android is a perpetual battle between two tech giants. Both have been competing against each other with their merits and demerits. The fast-growing mobile industry impels developers to launch mobile apps on both platforms for better reach. It’s important to consider trade-offs for both platforms and decide to start off where you feel […]

How To Find Bugs In Websites?


Are you experiencing a sluggish and unresponsive website? Is your website continuously plagued by crashes, delays and slow-loading speed? These could be some of the warning signs that your website is suffering from bugs.   Bugs, in whatever form they may be, can torment your website in various ways. A non-functional, buggy website hampers effective user […]